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released July 21, 2015

Music by Jonah Wei-Haas and Jess Godwin
Lyrics and Vocals by Jess Godwin
Production, Mixing, and Mastering by Jonah Wei-Haas
Art by Nestingzone
Makeup/Hair by Blown Chicago



all rights reserved


Jonah Wei-Haas Chicago, Illinois

Pianist, Producer, Composer, Teacher, 1/3 of FutureFreqs

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Track Name: Chemistry

you can balance the equation

fight the gravitation
flip flip
you can flip the calculation
not right
not right
if you're switching all the facts
oh the itch is never gonna last
are you getting to love when you lie on the spot
convincing your stomach to tie in a knot
crazy and stupid and bothered and hot
the butterflies are only shadows

what about can't live without can't be without can't see without can't do without can't move without love
we gotta keep holdin out keep holdin out keep holdin out
til we know the chemistry

if I say it's gonna happen
hey it's gonna happen
you'll know
by the chemical reaction
you'll glow
you'll glow
like the center of the sun
we'll surrender when our kingdom comes
are you getting to love when you look for the signs
desperately reading between all the lines
making excuses to make it alright
the butterflies are only shadows


yeah I'm getting kinda tired of playing around watching the crowd everybody else settling down
and i make stupid excuses but i know I just gotta wait
if I say I need it doesn't mean it's gotta happen today
cause I can live without him be without him speak without him
without him
don't mind if I'm sleepin alone
keepin my own time
own life
keepin the beat til you say
knock knock are you there do you care do you dare do you see
it's me